Friday, December 19, 2014



I guess this very common dish also, the favourite of Lord Ganesha need no introduction. I have replaced rice with kambu which is yet another millet variety. It came out pretty well. Have it hot with onion/tomato chutney. You will simply love it.


Being known all packaged foods are loaded with preservatives we still go behind them in this fast paced lifestyle... Now with new health problems and increasing awareness, most of us have begun our baby steps towards healthy food habits. Most of the store bought ingredients can be easily prepared in home. The spice powders even, ready mixes. It is not that difficult to make them plus what we make are far more healthier. All you need is to spend some extra time which we all can for the sake of our loved ones...

                To begin with, making paneer in home is the most easiest of all. We all use paneer in some way or the other. Its an all time favorite among all age groups... Not only easy to make, the homemade ones are so fresh and soft. Paneer, also known as cottage cheese is not processed like the other cheese varieties... Its just coagulated milk using food acids. One interesting fact is that, we Indians have been using Paneer even before Christ it seems. That is  almost 2000 years back... Its history goes way back like the story we tell kids "long long ago so long ago..."

Monday, December 01, 2014


Be it any hurry bury week day or a lazy week end, if i am late to the kitchen, variety rices are my life saviors. Especially on weekdays when i have to pack lunch.Whether it is sudden or pre planned, they ease my morning madness.

People have a wrong assumption that greens include only spinach varieties... coriander and mint (including all herbs) comes in the same category and they are very rich in nutrients. In addition to many other things, mint is an excellent source of antioxidants. Henceforth, guys instead of just using them as a flavoring agent, make it a point to incorporate them in your meal plan. This recipe is one such idea. Its easy to make, light to your tummy, fresh, flavorsome and is packed with all goodness of health.